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Real-time monitoring of flows and loads

ALTAROAD offers a new way of tracing material and waste flows transported by heavy goods vehicles thanks to a practical, systematic and dematerialised solution. It allows the traceability of flows on building sites and industrial sites, in order to :

  • reduce transport costs
  • improve safety and trace the carbon impact
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • enable end-to-end traceability of transported materials and waste

The ALTAROAD solution in 3 steps


Data collection

Vehicle detection (app, camera, sensors): plate, weight, load content, schedule, time on site…



Real-time decision making

Tracking, issuing a BSD, notifying, giving access, planning, alerting…



Regulatory compliance

Consult the database, connect to all traceability solutions



Step 1 – Data collection

Our intelligent weighing solution consists of a mobile weighing system and a camera that detects the characteristics of passing vehicles and their traceability as they pass the system without stopping.

Unlike a weighbridge, our solution can be easily installed anywhere, in just a few hours, even in highly constrained environments.

Additional information can be captured on site using a tablet. From this data, our specific algorithms consolidate the passage information: number plates, vehicle category, number of axles, speed, weight and contents.

Detection camera

Weighing in motion of trucks while driving on the system

Step 2 – Real-time decision making

The information collected by the system is sent back to the end user in real time, via a web interface, accessible on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, allowing you to anticipate and improve traceability on site.


Designed to facilitate real-time decision-making, our reporting screens display periodic monitoring dashboards that can be configured according to your needs: by type of material, site, transport, outlet/waste centre, truck, etc.


In addition to these visuals, automatic alerts are sent in the event of :

  • overloads on departure from the site and on arrival at the outlet
  • under-loading at the site’s departure and arrival outlets


Allowing considerable gains in transport costs, safety and traceability, all thanks to the optimisation of loads.

Step 3 – Regulatory compliance

The platform enables compliance with the new regulatory obligations in terms of traceability following the evolution of the legislative context thanks to :


  • The constitution of an accurate, complete and up-to-date database of all movements that can be archived for 3 years or more depending on needs.
  • The dematerialisation and follow-up of the official delivery form from beginning to end until its treatment in the channel


The ALTAROAD platform is already integrated with current regulatory or propriatory tools and governement forms in the countries where it is present (Ex: Trackdechets, RNDTS, Grand Paris Express for France) and is prepared to integrate equivalent tracking tools and related forms in other countries whenever necessary.

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