Manage material and transport flows on your site with ease

Gain visibility and control of your site flows with centralised traceability, digitalised receipts, and automated control processes.



Ensure your regulatory compliance


With ease and without wasting time
Thanks to an interface designed in the field


A universal and unique database
To manage your data in a secure way


Automatic reporting to the national registry
With a technical interface designed to save you time


Maintain the control of your site flows by automating traceability


Optimise deliveries and improve productivity 
By being sure of the quantity delivered


Optimise truckloads
Thanks to a solution patented and manufactured in France


Ensure real time response
Thanks to customised alerts

Reduce your environmental impact and increase safety


Reduce the number of truck rotations 
For the same total quantity transported


Increase safety
By avoiding overloads and congestion


Promote the circular economy
Through traceability of materials and waste



Our clients trust us on their construction sites to reduce their carbon footprint, to trace their site flows, and to optimise their operations, with solutions designed, developed, and manufactured in France.

ALTAROAD’s green DNA is recognised by its clients. Since day one, multiple leaders in the construction industry attest to the success and innovation of our solutions. Reducing the environmental impact of construction projects, customer satisfaction, and quality of service are essential for us.

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We know that it is not always easy to choose new tools. That is why we have gathered our most frequently asked questions on one page, to help you choose the best option for your needs. 

The ALTAROAD platform has been built in close collaboration with the actors of the value chain, and is based on their needs and their desire to simplify their daily operations. The platform aggregates data from the field in real time, providing dashboards that reflect the actual activity and its progress and offer means for optimising costs, time, and manpower.

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Pollution, health problems, exorbitant costs for municipalities... these aspects characterise illegal dumping, or so called “wild deposits” or “orphan sites”.  Even if, as a professional, one can risk a 75,000 euro fine and a two-year prison sentence when one illegally dumps their waste into the environment (Environmental Code, article L. 541-46.)...

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1. Quick qualification: We will work together with you to qualify your needs and to see whether our offer can meet them. No time will be wasted! Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on "request a demo". 2. Demo: After qualification, if one of our products meets your needs, we will schedule a demo to allow you to imagine how the solution would be useful in your specific context. Do not hesitate to give us precise information on the use case and the volume of your flows to make it as relevant as possible. 3. Service offer: If you confirm the relevance and adequacy of our solution, we will propose an adapted service offer. 

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ALTAROAD est partenaire de Trackdéchets

[?Témoignage] "La #digitalisation peut faire peur, mais elle amène aussi souvent des gains opérationnels significatifs." Retrouvez le #témoignage complet d'Altaroad sur son utilisation de Trackdéchets, (connecté par #API), dans le cadre des travaux d’aménagement urbain du projet du Tram T10 dans le Département des Hauts-de-Seine. ✅#ObjectifTrackdéchets2022

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ALTAROAD au service de la traçabilité réglementaire

Interview croisée Altaroad et Razel Bec sur BSMART à propos de l'évolution réglementaire pour la gestion des déchets, et l'automatisation de la constitution d'une base de données de manière facile et automatisée.

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Communiqué de presse / Press release

Très fiers d'annoncer cette bonne nouvelle : nous avons complété notre tour de financement et nous accueillons notre nouvel investisseur ProBTP. Very proud to share this good news : we have completed our funding round and are welcoming ProBTP as a new investor.

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