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The environmental balance sheet : a practice that is becoming essential on site

Today, the carbon footprint of a construction site and its environmental impact are often estimated months in advance, without having the final configuration and real bases for calculation.

Then, at the end of the operation, a QSE manager is sometimes asked for an assessment when most of the supporting documents have disappeared and the operational staff are already on another mission and there is no way to act.

Due to a lack of contextualised information, companies often use ratios that introduce such large margins of error that it is impossible to conclude on optimisation actions. The aim, beyond measurement, is to improve and ideally in real time!

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What is the solution?

Assess your carbon footprint

Calculate the CO2 emissions of incoming and outgoing flows

Take action on your carbon impact

Make the right decisions with our real-time recommendations

Measure your valorisation actions

The % of re-use and recovery of your waste is consolidated

Manage your CSR policy

Control your CO2 emissions and respect the principles of sustainable development

Build your baseline 

Build up a database of the actual consumption of your construction sites

Calculate the environmental impact of your activity simply!

The environmental balance sheet is the first step in an ambitious ecological strategy. Among other things, this assessment must include a waste management strategy (reuse and recovery), a carbon assessment and a raw material consumption assessment (water, energy, materials).

In this context, the carbon footprint is one of the essential tools to support your low-carbon approach. It allows you to identify the precise actions to be taken by calculating your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, whether direct or indirect. However, it is often an afterthought.

Calcul du bilan environnemental

And where do you stand on CO2 emissions?

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How does Altaroad enable you to do this?

The objective of ALTAROAD’s environmental assessment functionality is to automate and simplify the climate commitment of companies in the construction sector. Measuring one’s carbon impact using relevant data is an essential building block towards a successful ecological transition! 


ALTAROAD offers you : 


  •      A solution tailored to your needs that complies with GHG measurement standards
  •     A contextualised environmental assessment based on your needs
  •     Collaborative approach and native, reliable and simplified data collection without additional effort from the field
  •     An interactive dashboard giving you a real-time overview of your emissions and waste recover

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