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Blockchain for the construction sector

With the increasing digital transition of the construction sector over the past decade, development specialists from within and outside the sector are more interested than ever in adopting technology and digital to meet the needs of construction stakeholders.

La Blockchain au service du secteur de la construction
transition écologique et économie circulaire btp

The ecological transition and the circular economy in the construction sector 

In view of the environmental challenges, the circular economy represents a solution to many problems. With the scarcity of natural resources, energy instability, the degradation of ecosystems… It is increasingly urgent to turn to an economic model based on low-carbon solutions, the optimisation of resource use and the reuse and management of material flows.

Computer vision and AI in construction – the latest developments

With the democratisation of mobile digital camera solutions and artificial intelligence (AI), the field of computer vision, formerly limited to certain applications, could well revolutionise any industrial process.

In France and in Europe, the digitalisation of the construction sector is a strategic priority. And in this context, computer vision is already playing a major role. Let’s explore the use cases of this not so new technology on the construction site.

Vision par ordinateur et IA dans le BTP - les dernières avancées
Les réglementations en vigueur de la gestion des déchets

Construction waste management: What are the regulations in France and in Europe?

The traceability of waste concerns all companies that produce waste in the course of their activity. In France, since January 2022, the regulation imposes this traceability by decree. The main objective is to prevent waste in order to promote the circular economy and prevent environmental damage. Companies are required to improve the conditions under which their waste is collected, transported and treated.

Digitalisation in the construction industry, what does the future hold?

The adoption of a data strategy that aims to dematerialise construction processes is a significant competitive advantage for companies. In order to ensure that the necessary changes in terms of collaboration and information ecosystem are carried out, only a successful digitisation, through the introduction of digital tools in the processes, will give companies a competitive advantage in the market.

Construction manager controlling building site and tablet device in his hands