DigiTrack, a solution for building the database for regulatory compliance


100% confidential traceability

of all your flows by a trusted third party, for 100% availability.

Regulatory compliance guarentee

with the decree n° 2021-321 of 25 March 2021 and Trackdéchets.

1 unique and universal base

a single tool to integrate with all the others, a platform that is quick to learn

0 paper, 0 contact

by putting an end to physical archiving in a simple and flexible way.

Real-time decision making

thanks to the centralisation of data and adapted dashboards.

Regulatory compliance of your flows has never been easier than with the ALTAROAD platform.

DigiTrack brings your waste, spoil and material streams into regulatory compliance and makes your life easier with a practical and widely applicable solution.


DigiTrack ensures systematic, easy and confidential traceability

All traced flows :

  • Without error
  • Systematically
  • By a trusted third party

Available from anywhere and in real time :

  • Over the chosen period, per site
  • With configurable access
  • With simple rules for feeding government or partner databases

Towards easy and convenient regulatory compliance

A database :

  • Where your data is available for at least 3 years
  • Well-known and proven
  • Does not require additional resources

Transparent feeding of the regulatory base of your country.


The plateform DigiTrack, a unique and universal solution to simplify your employees’ lives

Modular multi-site & multi-actor :

  • Integrated with government tools and easy integration with partner or internal tools.

Easy to handle:

  • No need to train your staff in all other tools

Zero paper, zero contact

Process simplification :

  • Reduction of time loss (transfer and processing of written documents)
  • End of physical archiving

Simple and flexible:

  • Full compliance with health requirements
  • SMS integration

Efficient and real-time decision making

Fast and efficient decision making guaranteed:

  • Reporting, decision support, real-time monitoring, customised export
  • Alerts on abnormal behaviour
  • Authentication / access to differentiated information

Customised visualisation of KPIS :

  • By site, by outlet, by carrier, by mesh, by date, …

Status monitoring and daily reconciliation of outlets

They trust us