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Why choose the ALTAROAD platform?

What are the steps of our process?

What is included in our prices?

How do our offers work?

Can I try your solutions for free?

How do I ensure full compliance of my construction site?

Am I considered a producer of waste and thus concerned by the EPR?

What does the French circular economy law change for me?

Why is it important to trace waste at its source?

Trackdéchets, how does it work?

What does the law say about overloaded trucks?

Can I request a demo of your application?

How long does it take to deploy our platform?

Can I use several systems and cameras simultaneously?

Is it possible to give access to our application to several users?

How to access our application?

Which softwares are we integrated with?

How do we ensure confidentiality of data in our platform?

Which level of security for my data?

Do you have an API for integration with information systems?

Is it possible to customise certain aspects of our application?

Can our TopTrack system be installed everywhere?

Does our TopTrack system function in a curved or sloped environment?

Is there a speed limit for the weighing process?

Is a power supply required?

Are you connected by Wifi or by 4G?

Can I choose to see the data only on some vehicles?

If we install a camera on site, are special permits required?

Does our system detect it when a private vehicle drives over TopTrack?

I already use scales or a weighbridge, can I connect them to the ALTAROAD solution?

Can our system be applied to demolition sites as well?

If the system breaks down or is damaged, how do we ensure a continuation of the service?

A construction site can be muddy. Does your system need to be protected?

How long does it take to install TopTrack?

How does the calibration of TopTrack work?

Is your system certified?

Are your rates degressive?

Why is it worthwhile to reuse excavated soil?

Is there a maximum limit of how many vehicles TopTrack is able to detect in a day?

How can I get my login and password?

Why avoid under-loading?

How to properly use the TopTrack system?

In order for our TopTrack system to function properly, what do we need from you?