CamTrack, simplifying operations and making field data more reliable, through workflow automation


0 paper, 0 contact

Putting an end to physical archiving, with ease and flexibility

4 times less
of typing time

and human error through CamTrack’s automation

100% reliable evidence

factual evidence easily accessible at any time in the Digitrack interface

Real-time decision making

thanks to the centralisation of data and adapted dashboards

Automate and digitise with CamTrack the material flows in and out of the sites

  • Digitalisation of data entry to make information collection more reliable and simpler
  • Coupling with CamTrack, a camera deployed in the field to complete the ALTAROAD platform and regulatory compliance: the data and images sent back allow you to automate and make reliable the monitoring of your heavy vehicle flows.

Zero paper – zero contact: an interface to simplify field data collection

The interface for managing incoming and/or outgoing flows:

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Respect for health constraints
  • Pre-setting and use in a few clicks, without effort or impact on current activities (can be used by the guard, the machine operator, the traffic officer, etc.)
  • Reduction of time wasted (handling, transfer and processing of written documents, on site and between stakeholders)

The interface provides an integrated feed of government databases:

  • In automatic or semi-automatic mode (after validation)

SMS integration

  • Integrated bsd’s also on your phones

Coupling with CamTrack: reliability of your data and simplification of operations

Coupled with an automatic plate reader camera to reduce manual input:

  • Easily accessible visuals in the interface
  • Factual evidence in the event of a dispute
  • Automatic transmission of data identified on the ALTAROAD platform: registration, time of passage, time spent on site, etc.
  • Enhanced data reliability

Optimisation and fluidity of operation:

  • Optimisation of field and office staff: no need for additional resources dedicated to data entry
  • Automatic generation order tracking form and easy reconciliation with data from the receiving or originating site

Rapid decision making: real-time visibility of flows

Real-time alerts:

  • Notifications for entries & exits on the site thanks to CamTrack
  • Data accessible in real time by all actors in the value chain
  • Modular performance indicators, by transporter, by outlet / waste disposal centre, by type of material, by site, by dwell time on site, by construction site…

Allowing :

  • Anticipate and improve on-site planning
  • Rapid decision-making supported by a complete, accurate and real-time view of flows

The ALTAROAD interface easily integrates all types of data collection systems (scales, weighbridges, geolocation, etc.) for a complete and integrated solution