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ALTAROAD CamTrack, simplifying operations and making field data more reliable thanks to flow automation  


0 paper, 0 contact

putting an end to physical archiving, with simplicity and flexibility

4 times less

human errors caused by manual entry & time required for data entry

100% reliable

factual evidence easily accessible at any time in the interface

Real time decision-making

thanks to the centralisation of data and adapted dashboards


Automate and digitalise transport and material flows in and out of your sites 

  • Digitalisation of data entry to make data collection simpler and more reliable
  • Coupled with a camera deployed on site to complete the ALTAROAD platform and to ensure regulatory compliance: data and images sent in real time to the application, allowing you to automate and make the monitoring of your site flows more reliable 

Zero paper, zero contact: an interface to simplify data collection

One interface for managing incoming and/or outgoing flows:

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Respect of health constraints ensured thanks to dematerialisation of processes
  • No need for additional configuration
  • Easy to use, no effort required, and no impact on current activities caused
  • No more time wasted on handling, transferring, and processing written documents 

Easy integration of governmental databases into our interface:

  • In automatic or semi-automatic mode (after validation)

SMS integration

Coupled with a camera to automate operations

Limit manual input by installing a camera able to automatically read license plates:

  • Easily accessible visuals in the interface
  • Factual evidence in the event of a dispute
  • Automatic transmissions of identified data to the ALTAROAD platform: license plate, time and date, time spent on site…
  • Enhanced data reliability

Optimisation and fluidity of operations:

  • Optimisation of personnel: no need for additional human resources dedicated to data entry
  • Automatic generation of waste tracking notes and easy reconciliation with the data of the destination site or of the site of origin

Rapid decision-making: real time visibility of your site flows

Alerting in real time:

  • Notification for every entry and exit on site
  • Data accessible in real time by all actors of the value chain
  • Modular performance indicators: by transporter, by waste treatment or disposal facility, by type of material, by time spent on site, by site…

Allowing you to:

  • Anticipate and improve planning on site: logistics, stock management…
  • Take rapid and informed decisions supported by a complete, accurate, and real time overview of your site flows

The ALTAROAD interface is fully interoperable. It integrates easily all types of sensors and data collection systems (scales, weighbridges, geolocation systems, cameras…).

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We know that it is not always easy to choose new tools. That is why we have gathered our most frequently asked questions on one page, to help you choose the best option for your needs. 

The ALTAROAD platform has been built in close collaboration with the actors of the value chain, and is based on their needs and their desire to simplify their daily operations. The platform aggregates data from the field in real time, providing dashboards that reflect the actual activity and its progress and offer means for optimising costs, time, and manpower.

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Yes, you can request a demo on the following page: request a demo.

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Yes, of course. We can provide you with customised reports as well as set up alerts defined by you to facilitate your decision-making. For example, we can set up alerts with underload and overload thresholds. 

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