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ALTAROAD TopTrack, combine cost reduction and safety: a practical and simple solution for optimising your loads



10% reduction in transport costs

thanks to overload and underload alerts and real time load optimisation

Compact and adaptable

a dynamic weighing system quickly deployable at any site and with no impact on traffic

Safety and compliance

ensure traceability of site flows and prevent overloading


Increase efficiency and productivity on your site by monitoring and optimising your loads in real time

The ALTAROAD platform is completed by a mobile and dynamic weighing system, TopTrack. Coupled with a camera, our solution allows you to optimise your loads and save time, costs, and personnel. 


Real time monitoring of site flows and loads

Detection of the vehicle and its load in movement:

  • Weighing system at the entry or exit of your site
  • Coupled with a camera to detect license plates

Collected data transmitted and analysed in real time:

  • Easily accessible visuals
  • Factual evidence of vehicles passing on top of our system

Alerts – customisable indicators available on our interface for efficient decision-making:

  • Prevent overloads
  • Prevent underloads and ensure optimal loading of the vehicles

Cost reduction made easy through load optimisation

Reduction of the number of rotations and transport costs:

  • Alerts and proposals for corrective actions in case of underloading
  • Periodic monitoring dashboards by type of material, transporter, waste treatment facility…

Detection of overloads by type of vehicle:

  • Real time alerts in case of overloading

Automatic generation of waste tracking notes with the correct vehicle mass


Optimising our truck loads can save you between 5 and 10% on transport costs.

Camion chantier

Flexible and adaptable to each site 

A compact and mobile weighing system:

  • Easily and rapidly deployable
  • Can be easily moved

Does not require a lot of space nor support:

  • Minimal support required
  • Concrete support under the system only

Directly connected to the ALTAROAD platform

Thanks to the ALTAROAD platform, TopTrack can be easily integrated with other management systems using standard APIs

You’d like to
know more? 

We know that it is not always easy to choose new tools. That is why we have gathered our most frequently asked questions on one page, to help you choose the best option for your needs. 

Once we have been welcomed on site on the day of the installation and we have verified that the work area has been well prepared by the client, the installation of TopTrack takes from 3 to 6 hours depending on the site configuration. 

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For quality and safety reasons, we ask our clients to follow a number of best practices to ensure that our system functions properly...

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Yes.  In case of a curve: ideally, TopTrack should be installed in a straight line but our system works if the curve is light. Most importantly, each wheel of the vehicle should pass straight on top of our sensor mats and the trajectory of the vehicles should always be similar. We thus ask our clients to install concrete barriers that tighten the passage around a given trajectory. 

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