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Improving the sustainability and safety of road infrastructures is our mission

Founded three years ago by Cécile Villette, Rihab Jerbi, and Bérengère Lebental, ALTAROAD aims to improve the sustainability and safety of road infrastructures. 


To achieve this, we have developed, in partnership with a research team at the École Polytechnique, the University of Gustave Eiffel (ex-IFSTTAR), and the CNRS, a machine learning platform and a network of sensors capable of collecting a whole range of data that is analysed in real time by algorithms developed in-house. This data is accurate enough to identify: 

  • the type of vehicle that passes over the TopTrack system without stopping
  • its wheel and axle configuration
  • its weight
  • its speed

These elements are coupled with multiple weather indicators and available in our platform in real time. 

A skilled and multicultural team

Cécile Villette
CEO – Founder

10 years of experience in digital strategy and connected services at PwC & Accenture.

Rihab Jerbi
COO – Co-founder

10 years of experience in industrial strategy, lean engineering, and lean manufacturing.

Bérengère Lebental
CSO – Co-founder

Research director in nanotechnology and smart and sustainable cities. 


Business Development


Data Intelligence





Our TopTrack solution, already on the market, makes it easy to track and digitalise truck flows by combining different data acquired by cameras and a mobile weighing system. 


Our platform generates all the necessary documents for transport of materials and waste in a dematerialised format. Lately, the actors of the construction industry, and in particular project managers, have become more and more interested in: 

  • allowing a great transparency in the traceability of flows between different actors
  • having an easy display of metrics
  • creating and sending alerts, for example, in case of under-loading
  • having a better control of their CO2 impact

Overall, our solution enables a better monitoring of waste and excavated soil as soon as they are produced on site.


The success of our solution can be attested to, as it won the notorious competition organised by the European Innovation Council (EIC) in July 2020.

Our awards


i_LAB 2018
Best Deetech Start up (BPI + Ministère)


i-NOV 2019

EIC Accelerator 2020
European Innovation Council


Grand Prix ACF
AutoTech 2020

ALTAROAD’s solutions are used to reduce the environmental impact of construction and industrial sites, as well as to monitor road infrastructures. We want to prevent and stop overloaded vehicles from crossing bridges and roads, which accelerates their deterioration and causes a considerable safety risk for other road users. 


Our solutions that combine different data sources (cameras and a mobile weighing system) are already marketed in Europe, and we hope to soon reach the international market.