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How to properly use the TopTrack system?

For quality and safety reasons, we ask our clients to follow a number of best practices to ensure that our system functions properly: 

  • Install concrete barriers around the TopTrack system to ensure that each wheel of the vehicle passes straight on top of the sensor mats and that the vehicle does not knock over the box. 
  • Vehicles should not stop or maneuver on our mats. They should pass on top of them at a constant speed, between 5km/h and 15km/h. This may require training of the drivers or signaling before entering the system.  
  • In the event of a malfunction or degradation of our system, it is important that we be notified as soon as possible so that we can fix the problem in no time. 
  • We also ask our clients to ensure that our 4G system is not disconnected at any time, as this will result in the lack of data for the given period of time. 

Our team is here to provide you with remote support and continuous monitoring of our system, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.