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What are the steps of our process?

Our processes always include the following three steps:

  • Quick qualification: We will work together with you to qualify your needs and to see whether our offer can meet them. No time will be wasted! Do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on “request a demo“.
  • Demo: After qualification, if one of our products meets your needs, we will schedule a demo to allow you to imagine how the solution would be useful in your specific context. Do not hesitate to give us precise information on the use case and the volume of your flows to make it as relevant as possible.
  • Service offer: If you confirm the relevance and adequacy of our solution, we will propose an adapted service offer. 

For the offers that include cameras and our TopTrack system:

  • Reconnaissance visit: If the chosen solution includes cameras and our TopTrack system, we organise a reconnaissance visit to verify the practical details of the installation of our system and to ensure that our solution is well adapted to your needs. 
  • Planning: Our intervention team will plan together with your team the installation of our solution on site (date, time, safety and risk prevention documents, checklist for preparation of site, site security, power supply, etc.). 
  • On the day of installation: our technicians install the system in accordance with safety, hygiene, and quality standards and the agreed schedule. The installation takes a few hours.

For all our offers:

Throughout our contractual relationship, ALTAROAD’s teams remain at your disposal and provide remote support and continuous monitoring of the installed system.