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Road flow monitoring and infrastructure protection


Ensure safety in real time

detect risk situations beforehand (overloading, overspeed, too many vehicles at the same time…)

Prevent in real time

inform vehicles with risky behaviour in advance and offer them an alternative or a corrective action

Establish a database to improve the lifecycle of infrastructures

more precise dimensioning and targeted anticipation of needs in terms of preventive maintenance

With ALTAROAD‘s solutions, monitoring road flows and their impacts becomes simple and educational !

Every time a vehicle passes on top of ALTAROAD’s system, detailed information is systematically and automatically transmitted into our platform. We can then create targeted alerts (to users or managers) and dashboards on required maintenance work. 

Thanks to our solutions, we can educate others. For example, we can contact trucks directly to suggest an alternative route. 

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Integrated solution combining weight sensors and a platform

  • Detection of the physical characteristics of vehicles in movement: type, weight, license plate…
  • Information transmitted in real time guaranteeing rapid decision-making
  • Data storage and indicators for better maintenance
  • Two means of intervention: temporarily with our TopTrack solution (for a few weeks or a few months) and permanently with our InTrack solution buried in the road

Real time information and decisions to warn users 

Prevent – inform overloaded vehicles before their arrival in a sensitive location: 

  • Detect risk situations (overloads)
  • Inform users: let them know that they have been detected, offer them an alternative route

Customised visualisation of key data – by structure, by vehicule, by date…:

  • Reports to aid decision-making and real time monitoring
  • Customised exports

Establish a field database to prioritise, plan, and reduce infrastructure maintenance costs

Dimensioning new and repair works while considering actual road flow values:

  • Key indicators per structure, per date…
  • Implementation of a predictive maintenance strategy
  • Maintenance efforts targeted on the most exposed structures 

Authentication and access to information differentiated according to user profiles 

A complete and integrated solution to facilitate traffic monitoring

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know more? 

We know that it is not always easy to choose new tools. That is why we have gathered our most frequently asked questions on one page, to help you choose the best option for your needs. 

The ALTAROAD platform has been built in close collaboration with the actors of the value chain, and is based on their needs and their desire to simplify their daily operations. The platform aggregates data from the field in real time, providing dashboards that reflect the actual activity and its progress and offer means for optimising costs, time, and manpower.

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Overloaded trucks are more difficult to manoeuvre and represent a significant risk of accidents. They also accelerate wear and tear on infrastructure and roads and generate significant repair costs for local authorities. Articles R. 312-1 to R. 312-9 of the French Traffic Code impose limits to be respected concerning: ...

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