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As a site manager, I need to optimise my costs through digitalisation and flow optimisation

From regulatory monitoring to performance achievement:

  • I need to ensure safety on my site.
  • I need to remain flexible while planning in order to deal with unforeseen events.
  • I need to optimise my costs to increase my profit margin.
  • I need to be exemplary in terms of respect for the environment and regulatory compliance.

Real benefits for your site:

0 re-entries

in a spreadsheet or on paper with our 100% digital process

1 click

reduce time spent on data entry


average CO2 impact thanks to load optimisation

3 years

minimum conservation period for your data and supporting documents

100% correct

avoid data entry errors on license plates thanks to our cameras

Challenges to overcome:

Ensure operational performance

Efficient site management:

  • Avoid unnecessary queuing on site
  • Coordinate different workstations and the management of different types of materials
  • Control installation times, data entry processing, equipment checks…

Easy adaptation to the evolution of the site:

  • Control unforeseen events on site: interruptions, modifications…
  • Control incoming purchases

Contractual traceability:

  • Weigh all site flows on their arrival and/or departure from site
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We do everything in spreadsheets. It’s the only way to centralise everything, but it’s also very prone to mistakes.

Works engineer

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A dematerialised solution to follow-up on the site flows would simplify our life because it is always a lot of work to get the transport notes back from our counterparts.

Works supervisor

Optimise costs

Logistics costs:

  • Reduce transport costs
  • Limit additional costs due to a lack of control: wrong product, wrong schedule, wrong document…
  • Manage disputes and control associated costs

HR costs:

  • Reduce time spent on errors and double entries
  • Reduce the need for qualified HR by limiting the number of software applications used
  • Reduce training time

Gains due to a better recovery of:

  • Excavated soil
  • Polluted waste

Ensure regulatory compliance and environmental performance

Establish a regulatory database for all site flows:

  • Accurate, complete, and up-to-date
  • Available and auditable for at least 3 years
  • That is simple enough for everyone to use

Ensure safety on site and during transit by limiting risk situations:

  • Operational staff equipped with the right tools and alerts
  • Prevention of overloads and traffic congestion
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ALTAROAD’s solution allows real time monitoring of the construction site, of different types of excavated materials, of pollution, and of the estimated volumes and schedules. Whereas with paper, there is always a small delay.

Works engineer, assistant to the site manager

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Your obligations under the French circular economy law (law n°2020-105 of 10th of February 2020) will be operational from 1st of January 2022 onwards. Your obligations depend not only on who you are (waste producer, site manager, transporter, treatment facility, etc.) but also on the type of waste or excavated soil you produce or process.

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I am a producer of waste / general contractor / transporter / storage and incineration facility...

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YES, if you are a natural or legal person who develops, manufactures, handles, treats, sells, or imports waste generating products or elements and materials used in their manufacture (article 62 of the French circular economy law).

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