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AltaComply, a solution to help you build a database for regulatory compliance 

French decree n° 2021-321of 25 March 2021


100% confidential traceability

of all your site flows by a trusted third party

Regulatory compliance guaranteed

with the decree n° 2021-321 of 25 March 2021 and Trackdéchets

1 single and universal database

one easy-to-use tool to integrate with all others

0 paper, 0 contact

putting an end to physical archiving, with simplicity and flexibility

Real time decision-making

thanks to the centralisation of data and adapted dashboards


Ensuring regulatory compliance of your site flows has never been easier than with ALTAROAD

ALTAROAD, the digital platform that ensures regulatory compliance of your waste, excavated soil, and material flow management and makes your life easier thanks to a practical solution adaptable to any site. 

A platform for systematic, easy, and confidential traceability

All of your site flows traced:

  • Systematically
  • Without error
  • By a trusted third party

Available from anywhere in real time:

  • For a chosen time period per site
  • With configurable accesses
  • With easy integration of governmental and partner databases

Towards easy and convenient regulatory compliance

A database:

  • With your data available for at least 3 years
  • Already recognised and tested by actors of the construction value chain
  • Does not require additional resources

Integrated with the governmental database Trackdéchets


A unique and universal solution to simplify your collaborators’ lives

Modular multi-site & multi-actor:

  • Integrated with governmental databases and easy integration with other tools, partner or internal


  • Training time reduced: no need to train your teams to use several different tools

Zero paper, zero contact

Simplification of processes:

  • No more time wasted on transferring and processing written documents
  • No more physical archiving 

Simplicity and flexibility:

  • Full compliance with health constraints
  • SMS integration

Efficient real time decision-making

Rapid and efficient decision-making guaranteed:

  • Reporting, real time monitoring, customised exports
  • Alerts on abnormal behaviours
  • Authentication/access required to differentiated information 

Customised KPIs:

  • By site, by treatment facility, by transporter, by type of material, by date…

Status monitoring and daily reconciliation with waste treatment facilities

A complete and integrated solution for contractors

You’d like to
know more? 

We know that it is not always easy to choose new tools. That is why we have gathered our most frequently asked questions on one page, to help you choose the best option for your needs. 

The ALTAROAD platform has been built in close collaboration with the actors of the value chain, and is based on their needs and their desire to simplify their daily operations. The platform aggregates data from the field in real time, providing dashboards that reflect the actual activity and its progress and offer means for optimising costs, time, and manpower.

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The time needed for deployment depends on the offer. If you choose an offer that does not include our TopTrack system, the deployment takes 2 to 3 days. However, if you choose an offer where TopTrack is included, the deployment takes a minimum of two weeks, due to the calibration time that our system requires.

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The data we process in our platform include the client’s name, total weight of the vehicle and axle weight, number of axles, speed, date and time, trajectory, temperature, distance, and license plate.  Our teams make sure to process only the license plates of our clients’ vehicles: these are the only data that we store. We do not store the license plates of private vehicles.

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