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As a QSE manager, I want to reduce the environmental impact of a construction site and improve its safety levels

From prevention to quality assurance:

  • I need to ensure regulatory compliance, in particular with the French circular economy and energy transition laws.
  • I need to guarantee the safety of personnel on site and during transit.
  • I need to reconcile quality requirements with time and cost optimisation objectives.
  • I need to propose solutions to anticipate risks and reduce their impact.

Some key figures:

830 million tonnes per year!

the amount of construction and demolition waste produced in the EU

120 million tonnes of CO2

produced by the construction sector in France every year


of construction waste recycled, target set by the EU

2 minutes

the frequency of accidents on all construction sites in France in 2019

3 years

the minimum conservation period for the regulatory database of waste flows

Challenges to overcome:

Environmental protection

Traceability of waste and excavated materials:

  • Prevent illegal dumping
  • Manage the regulatory database that is auditable for at least 3 years

Reduce the environmental impact:

  • Measure and reduce the CO2 impact of the activity
  • Manage purchases and resources and implement eco-actions

Optimisation and recovery of materials:

  • Send the right product, to the right place, at the right time, and at the best cost for optimal recovery

Once you measure performance and set targets, people are naturally much more motivated to achieve them.

QSE manager


The challenge lies in integrating safety systematically into everything we do. For me, it’s the priority of people before production.

QSE manager, Construction site L15 of Grand Paris

Improvement of safety on site

Risk management:

  • On site
  • During transit

Prevention and awareness:

  • Maintain a prevention and safety culture at all levels
  • Monitor compliance with health and safety rules

Avoid risk situations:

  • Detect risky behaviours
  • Set up warning systems

Commitment to quality

Time and cost optimisation:

  • Reduce transport costs and delays
  • Limit additional costs that are due to a lack of control

Ensure respect of commitments:

  • Respect the project schedules and budgets 
  • Ensure that the materials correspond to the announced quality

Continuous improvement:

  • Refine customer satisfaction criteria
  • Employ performance indicators

The QSE approach gives credibility to our discourse, our activities, and our image among our customers. It attests to the recognition of a job well done.

QSE manager

Our best ambassadors are our clients

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