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As a construction manager, I want to achieve economies of scale on all my sites

Competitive challenge remains, traceability increases:

  • I need to optimise my costs, by identifying and putting an end to underperformance in real time. 
  • I need to guarantee safety and regulatory compliance on all my sites.
  • I want to equip my teams with the right tools that allow them to be more efficient. 
  • I want to offer a higher added value to my clients to differentiate myself from competitors. 

Some key figures:


the average profit margin in construction

500 to 750 kg

equivalent CO2 production per euro of revenue

100 sites = 8000 shipping notes/day 

with multiple sites and partners


reduction in transport costs


of the carbon footprint of a new building is generated by its construction 

Challenges to overcome:

Optimise costs, HR, and operations

Identify the levers for optimisation using multi-site benchmarking indicators:

  • Transport and loading, materials, personnel, planning…

Equip my teams with relevant and intuitive tools:

  • Use digital technology to collect information easily and make the right decisions on the spot
  • Deploy artificial intelligence tools to alert and to identify good practices across multiple sites

Have a cross-functional vision of all site flows:

  • Negotiate contracts and penalties based on reliable data

In order to be a real agent of change, we need to identify the sources where savings can be made.

Branch manager, Decontamination

All this traceability takes a lot of time and a lot of administration, and we don’t have enough time to think about which methods and solutions to use.

Works supervisor, Lyon

Ensure regulatory compliance of the management of waste and excavated soil on all my sites

Consolidate the data from all my sites in a single database for full regulatory compliance:

  • Available and accessible from anywhere and in real time
  • Access the history and supporting documents for each site

Reduce the HR efforts and gain in efficiency due to a single tool:

  • For all my sites
  • Already integrated with Trackdéchets and SGP
  • Simple integration with other internal and external tools

Differentiate myself through exemplary management of environmental issues

Generate reports on my sites’ carbon footprint and their consolidated impact and identify levers to reduce it:

  • Transport and loading
  • Material recovery, reduction, and recycling

Monitor my material recovery efforts from start to finish:

  • Update the initial diagnosis in real time and during the different phases of the project
  • Ensure a complete follow-up: % not produced, % recycled on site, % recycled on another site, % sent to landfills

We all share the objective of improving waste management, but we need a solution that will suit all actors and sites with different practices and diverging interests.

Branch manager, Decontamination

 Our best ambassadors are our clients

Responsable chantier

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We know that it is not always easy to choose new tools. That is why we have gathered our most frequently asked questions on one page, to help you choose the best option for your needs. 

The ALTAROAD platform has been built in close collaboration with the actors of the value chain, and is based on their needs and their desire to simplify their daily operations. The platform aggregates data from the field in real time, providing dashboards that reflect the actual activity and its progress and offer means for optimising costs, time, and manpower.

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The data we process in our platform include the client’s name, total weight of the vehicle and axle weight, number of axles, speed, date and time, trajectory, temperature, distance, and license plate.  Our teams make sure to process only the license plates of our clients’ vehicles: these are the only data that we store. We do not store the license plates of private vehicles.

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Yes, we have a complete API for easy integration, as well as simple connections to government platforms (Trackdéchets, TREX…). 

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