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Discover our easy-to-use solution for monitoring your site flows 


Real time monitoring of site flows

ALTAROAD offers a new practical, systematic, and dematerialised way of tracking the material and waste flows transported by trucks. 


Our solution monitors site flows, in order to:

  • reduce transport costs
  • improve safety and track the site’s carbon impact
  • ensure regulatory compliance (French circular economy law and decree n° 2021-321of 25 March 2021)
  • enable end-to-end traceability of transported materials and waste

Our solution in 3 steps


Data collection

Vehicle detection (app, camera, sensors): license plate, weight, transported content, schedule, time on site…



Real time decision-making

Tracking, issuing waste tracking notes, notifying, planning, alerting… 



Regulatory compliance

Consult the database, synchronise with Trackdéchets, generate reports…


Step 1 – Data collection

Our intelligent weighing solution consists of a mobile weighing system and a camera that detects the characteristics of vehicles as they pass on top of the sensor mats without stopping. 

Unlike a traditional weighbridge, our solution can be easily installed anywhere, even in constrained environments, in just a few hours.

Our specific algorithms consolidate the information collected on the vehicles that passed over the system: license plates, types of vehicles, number of axles, speed, weight, and transported content. Additional information can be captured on site using a tablet.


Detection camera


Weighing in motion the vehicles that pass on top of the system


Patented by IFSTTAR, École Polytechnique, and the CNRS, our sensors are based on an innovative method that measures lateral deformations in contrast to the traditional method that measures the weight by vertical force. 

The system uses machine learning to process the sensor signals. The more it is trained, the more accurate it becomes. 

Step 2 – Real time decision-making

The information collected by the system is sent back to the end-user in real time using a web interface. This interface is accessible on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, enabling better anticipation and planning on site. 


Designed to facilitate real time decision-making, our application displays periodic monitoring dashboards that can be configured according to your needs: by type of material, site, transporter, waste treatment facility…


In addition to these visuals, automatic alerts are sent in the event of:

  • overloads at the departure from site and at the arrival to the treatment facility
  • under-loads at the departure from site and at the arrival to the treatment facility


The alerts allow considerable savings in transport costs and safety, thanks to the optimisation of loads. 


Step 3 – Regulatory compliance

Following the evolution of the legislative context in France, our platform enables full compliance with the new obligations in terms of traceability of waste and excavated soil:


  • The constitution of a database of movements: accurate, complete, up-to-date, and maintained for 3 years minimum. 
  • The dematerialisation and follow-up of the necessary documents (CERFA BSD) required for end-to-end traceability. 


The ALTAROAD platform is already integrated with the platform of the Société du Grand Paris and with Trackdéchets and will continue to be integrated with the various tools of the government and different eco-organisations.